We specialize in for-sale residential housing which includes entitled land, finished lots, mixed use properties and master plan communities. Since 2010, we have committed over $950 million of equity with 25 partners in 20 states encompassing over 400 communities, 48,000 lots and 9,000 acres of developable land. These projects have projected revenues in excess of $5 billion.

Mountain focuses on the following types of investments:

  •  Joint ventures with national and regional homebuilders to develop and sell homes, townhomes or condos to end users
  •  Joint ventures with regional developers to develop and sell residential lots and parcels
  •  Acquisition of opportunistic assets for its own account or in partnership with developers
  •  Acquisition, restructuring or recapitalizing of land development or homebuilding companies, or large land portfolios.

Target Investment Size

  •  $5 to $50 million on single asset transactions with partners who can generate over $30 million of investment
  •  $20 to $150 million on portfolio acquisitions or entity level investments

Partnership Structures

  •  Pari-passu joint ventures
  •  Preferred equity joint ventures
  •  Off-balance sheet structures
  •  Land banking
  •  Entity level investments

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